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Lincolnshire Business Magazine Issues

Issue 98: David Holt, making it work

Published on:

As Managing Director of BGB Innovation, David Holt may be following in his father’s footsteps, but as he drives the company forward, he admits to having a rather different style of leadership. Meanwhile, his dad, David Trevor, who is now company Chairman, continues to take an active interest in the fortunes of the Grantham business he founded, popping in a couple of days each week to work in the office next to his son.

Lincoln Growth Conference

Issue 97: Rebecca Smith, an undeniable obsession

Published on:

Rebecca Smith was desperate to find a high protein, low carb snack she could easily take to the gym with her to eat once she finished teaching her Spin classes. When she discovered biltong, a South African dried and cured beef snack, she became addicted to the taste. To feed her habit she was spending £15 a day, sending her husband Gavin across London Bridge to the South African store to fetch it for her while she worked.

Issue 96: Alex Albone, the taste of success

Published on:

“Don’t do it unless you’re passionate about it.” This is the advice that Alex Albone, Director of Brigg-based Pipers Crisps, gives to anyone wanting to start out on a new business venture. With a lot of hard work and a few controversial ideas, Alex has created a thriving company with a £10 million turnover, but he couldn’t be more modest about it.

Issue 95: Richard Hill, adapting with the times

Published on:

It’s a competitive market in the e-commerce world where not only are businesses competing against other local companies but they are forced to compete against firms across the world. Richard Hill is no stranger to good competition and has made a career out of knowing how best to get your business noticed at the top of an internet search.