Raising Standards of Excellence- Helping Academy to Thrive

    January 19, 2017 08:30
    Newland House, The Point, Weaver Road,, Lincoln

    Following a radical devolution of power to our schools’ leaders, today’s academies are now business establishments requiring qualified professional business managers at their helm.

    ‘Coasting’ schools face the wrath of Regional School Commissioners and most recently we face a reversion to selective entry and Grammar Schools.

    Investors in Excellence (IiE) firmly believe that this climate, demanding constant improvement, needs to be, and can be, embraced by schools through having the correct supporting frameworks in place. Such structure forms the backbone of the Investors in Excellence Standard.

    Judy Hart of Investors in Excellence will take you through a comprehensive overview of the Investors in Excellence Standard and will include:

    • Examining the key areas of success through leading, resourcing and delivering
    • How to measure all (non-educational) aspects of an organisation through achieving
    • What Matters Most? – a precursor to success
    • Support for continued improvement

    You will leave with a blue print for success. What follows next is up to each individual.

    Judy is offering this briefing with no obligation, however if you are enthused you will be able to train as an Excellence Practitioner and/or your school can consider being one of the first in the country to register for Investors in Excellence certification.

    Investors in Excellence has passionately supported businesses for 20 years, both nationally and internationally, with a mission to help organisations of all sectors excel with toolkits, approaches and new ways of working underpinned by the Standard as a benchmark.

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