The Secrets of Body Language

    December 15, 2017 09:15
    Sparkhouse, Lincoln

    Significantly improve your ability to interpret the meaning of body language and facial messages with this free half-day programme. You will question preconceptions, challenge commonly held assumptions about de-coding non-verbal communication and acknowledge the importance of cultural considerations.

    Based on the latest research, the course will reveal the most reliable ways to interpret the range of non-verbal behaviours; how to build rapport and how to improve the way you interact with those around you. You will discover how subtle micro-expressions, facial movements, vocal tone, gestures and body movements can all provide valuable clues into what others are thinking and learn to pick up on the hidden emotions which are present in all interpersonal exchanges. Providing real life examples and tons of practical tips to help improve everyday communication, assertiveness and engagement with others.

    “I was blown away with this session – really inspiring and has given me lots of food for thought. Excellent !” Director – Addo Solutions Ltd

    ‘Engaging and practical… provided me with not just an understanding of body language, but also the tools to make me a far more effective communicator across my team. Above all I learned to dismiss first impressions!’ HR Officer – Vion Food Group

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