Streets Annual Payroll and HR Update 2017

    February 07, 2017 09:30
    The Showroom, Tritton Road, Lincoln

    A free presentation for employers and those responsible for Payroll and HR.

    Whether you have just one employee or a large workforce, you do payroll in house or use a payroll bureau, our annual update aims to keep you informed of the issues, regulations and changes affecting payroll
    management and compliance.

    Our presenters for this event will include our in house payroll specialists along with representatives from Irwin Mitchell Solicitors and Beststart Human Resources – both of whom provide services to our clients through Streets HR.

    Irwin Mitchell Solicitors will focus on:

    • Using the Uber case, when is a contractor not a contractor?
    • Exploring legislation and recent case rulings, how can organisations identify who are genuine self-employed contractors, workers and employees?
    • What is the difference between the various categories and what is each entitled to?
    • What are the risks to and penalties for an organisation of not getting the correct status?
    • How does employment law in this area dovetail with IR35 and recent pension regulations?

    Beststart Human Resources will look at:

    • What are the basic requirements that an organisation has to meet when they become an employer for the first time?
    • Introduction to Streets HR services
    • How can apprentices fill your current skills gaps?

    Streets Payroll will talk about:

    • Apprentices – National Insurance and National Minimum Wage
    • Benefits in kind
    • Shared parental leave
    • Holiday pay – entitlement and calculation
    • Digital Tax and the impact of Real Time Information – how everything feeds into the Real Time Information Repository
    • Planning ahead – directors salaries, etc as part of tax/financial planning, and pension provision
    • Key things coming in for the new tax year
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